• Talking Portraits

    Here, listen to the chat among the three Renaissance masters across time and space! They are arguing who's work is greater:


    Michelangelo turned around and found the audience.
    Michelangelo: Oh hi, so many people here. Hello, my name is Michelangelo and I am a sculptor. I carved David. For 40 years, the giant stone of which I made David was laid aside because no one could do it. But I get it done depicting fine muscles in just three years."

    Da Vinci:
    "Don't talk so hard about yourself. That's because I didn't go do it. Otherwise, it would be MY David."

    "You are jealous of me. You even advised others to put such excellent works in an inconspicuous corner. Fortunately, they didn't take your suggestion, otherwise my perfect work would not be seen by generations of people."

    "My friends, when it comes to the war between these two, we must talk about the 1504 battle of the city hall..."


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